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Advisory Committee

What is the Advisory Committee?

The Advisory Committee consists of individuals who provide guidance and assistance on any matter which AYC requires. The committee meets on a semi-annual basis with the AYC Director to go over any issues or concerns. Each advisor is also present at monthly AYC meetings an is always available by email. 

Atifa Rasoul

Atifa has played a critical role in the development of AYC in the past 6 years; in the short period of time, Atifa has managed to increase engagement to the community and hosted various collaborative events across Toronto which were groundbreaking for the Muslim community. AYC will forever be grateful for the commitment, passion and excellent work of Atifa.

Jamshid Hussaini

Jamshid became Board Member at ICAC in 2000 as secretary; however very shortly after, he felt that there was a lot that needed to be done for the youth. In 2001, along with other youth members he founded YS (now known as AYC). Jamshid is also a member of the Cultural Committee at ICAC, which organizes all events and prepares the intellectual direction of the organization.

Freba Shahsamand

Freba has worked in frontline social work helping newcomers, youth, women, seniors and unemployed individuals access services to achieve their optimal goals. Freba is passionate about social issues pertaining to immigrants, women, and youth. She is one of the founding members of YS (now known as AYC).

Sadiq Taheri

Sadiq is a current Board Member at the ICAC as the Director of Educational Services. He has been a firm believer in AYC and has supported the group throughout the years. He is also focused on building bridges between Saturday School and AYC. 

Hameed Zarabi

Hameed is currently a Board Member at the ICAC as the Director of Cultural Services. He has been heavily involved within the community and is strong believer in engaging the youth in any way possible in all programs.

Mahmoud Zarabi 

Mahmoud has played a key role in ensuring that AYC is consistent throughout the past ten years. He has always been there to help the team in whatever capacity was needed and often going above and beyond. He is also a Quran reciter and teaches students at Saturday school. 




Melad Nabi and Be'sat program with Dr. Liyakat Takim on Friday May 15th. 


Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.- Imam Ali (A.S.)


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"Really impressed how organized this group is. Good on you guys for taking the initiative to contribute back to the community." - Huss M.