What is the Executive Committee?
The Executive Committee leads the creation, planning and execution of all AYC programs (social, educational, cultural and religious). This is a great way to get involved with the community and get your community service hours because all the positions are 100% volunteer based! If you have the passion, vision and time commitment then this committee is for you - applications for the 2015 team will be available towards the end of the year!


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Sowita Ashqi, Hassina Farzam, Atifa Rasoul (Director of AYC), Zahra Hazara, Asma Shahsamand, Suleiman Hamidullah


Sowita Ashqi: Sowita is a full time student at the University of Toronto studying Industrial Relations and Human Resources. She is proud to be a new executive of AYC, and hopes to make a difference for the youth in the community. She also teaches Islamic Studies on Saturdays at maktab right here at the Islamic Community of Afghans in Canada.

Hassina Farzam: Since 2009, Hassina has been giving back to the community that has shaped her by committing herself to helping, encouraging, and empowering the youth through AYC because she knows the impact that it has made and can make for her generation. Hassina is grateful to say that without the AYC team, she would not have been the person that she is today because they have changed her life significantly. In addition to her involvement with AYC, Hassina is a full time student and working part-time.

Suleiman Hamidullah: Suleiman is a fulltime student at University of Toronto studying Human Health and Biology while working full-time at TD Canada Trust. He is looking forward to helping the youth in several ways as he strongly believes that we have the ability to change lives of many. He has been a volunteer for several years and is excited to be a part of AYC!

Zahra Hazara: Zahra is currently studying Social Service Worker at Seneca College. She is proud to be a part of AYC this year. She wants to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of the youth, just like AYC has made a difference in hers.

Atifa Rasoul (Director of AYC): Having spent the majority of her life in Canada, Atifa understands the impact, need and importance of AYC within the Afghan community. If you have any suggestions, concerns or ideas for AYC please contact her anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Asma Shahsamand: Asma has a strong drive for bringing change into the community and has joined the AYC board to help connect with the youth and a bring positive change to the greater community. She believes that in order to bring change you need to start with yourself and she hopes this is the stepping stone for greater initiatives to come!